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How Do I Keep My Awnings Clean?

How do i keep my awnings clean

Awnings can be an attractive, inviting, and colorful feature to enhance the facade of your business. However, if they get rundown, ragged, and moldy, they may scare customers off rather than welcome them in!

Awnings are often much less durable than other, more sturdy surface materials, but they're subject to the same amount of exposure as the rest of your property. Without diligent care, they can get moldy, stained, and fall apart. However, is awning cleaning really that intensive? With a little basic maintenance, you can help extend your awning's lifespan.

How Often Should I Clean Them?

Regularity and consistency are key to keeping any exterior surface well-maintained, and awnings are no exception. The recommendation for commercial awning & canopy cleaning is once every two-three months as a general rule. However, every location is different, and depending on the materials of your awnings and environmental factors (such as air pollution or humidity), some awnings may need cleaning more (or less) frequently.

Don't Neglect To Inspect

Even between cleanings, keep an eye on your awnings. Little issues can turn into big ones fast if they're not caught early. However, typically minor damage can be easily and cheaply repaired if it's caught early. Some things to look out for:

  • Small holes
  • Loose stitching/sealing
  • Scratches/microtears
  • Friction rubbing where the material has worn thin against the frame

Basic Awning Cleaning

Cleaning should be done frequently, but as long as the mess isn't severe, it's usually a pretty simple process.

  • First, you'll want to brush off the surface to remove any dust, dirt, or debris, then hose it off.
  • Then, you'll want to mix a solution of water and a mild cleaner (an upholstery cleaner or even a mild dish soap works well for fabric awnings, but certain materials need specific products).
  • Use a brush to gently work the solution in and let it soak.
  • Rinse until the stains are no more!

The Case For A Professional Awning Cleaner

What we just described was the most basic tried-and-tested awning cleaning process. In reality, though, things aren't always that basic! Some awnings have special coatings and sealants to help protect them from the elements, and these may need to be retreated post-cleaning. It's also a physically-involved, time-consuming task, and when you've got a business to run, the less time spent on chores and maintenance, the better.

You might be able to handle your own awning cleaning, but like with other exterior maintenance tasks, sometimes it's best to call in the pros. As commercial pressure washing experts, the technicians at AceCo Commercial Services Group are great at achieving first-rate results in all we do. Using soft washing (gentle, low-PSI pressure washing), we skillfully wash awnings and canopies, tailoring our approach to the design, makeup, and specific treatment needs of your awnings.

With good, regular maintenance, your awnings can remain a colorful fixture of your commercial property for years to come. If you need our expert awning & canopy cleaning services, call us today at 256-910-7669!

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